Muddy water

So whose daft idea was it to go to the woods to feed the squirrels when it has been raining so much and when the squirrels are hibernating? That’s right, me. I paid for it though, I was filthy and everyone else wasn’t much better. My wheelchair is quite narrow so my coat was dragging in the mud and splashing all over my trousers. My chair is a manual chair so my hands were covered too. We were planning on dropping into the in laws on the way home to drop in some flowers because they had had to have their … Continue reading Muddy water

A productive weekend sort of!

As usual, weekends are full of mundane things to do. Visit the laundrette to dry some clothes and get a few bits of shopping. Usually there is football training too but our little lad has been off school poorly so he gave that a miss this week so we had a bit more time. We therefore went to the travel agent to sort the kids insurance for Spain and our ai8rport parking. Exciting. In about five weeks, the kids are going to Spain to visit their gran and we are flying to Malta then cruising to venice, Scicily and Croatia. … Continue reading A productive weekend sort of!

A bit about my family.

I am a married mum of two. I married my husband in April 2003, we had our daughter in 2004 and our son in 2008. Our daughter has always been the drama queen and our son the sports fanatic. My husband has fairly recently been diagnosed with Charcot Marie Tooth (CMT ). Our daughter had a minor eating disorder but is on the road to recovery. We enjoy traveling around Europe as a family and have visited many European countries. Life is tough but we have got each other and a smile. You just keep going. You have no choice! … Continue reading A bit about my family.

Ways I Treat My MS – 01

I signed myself off from my consultant about 11 years ago. I didn’t see the value in being told there was nothing that could really be done apart from “maybe” medication; so I took it upon myself to treat my condition in an alternative manner. Over the years I have slowly become more obsessed with what I actually put into my body. Presently I have removed gluten and wheat from my diet completely and I haven’t eaten meat, other than fish, since I was 9. I consume very little refined sugar and very little dairy. I do eat plenty of … Continue reading Ways I Treat My MS – 01