Why Boo?

I just thought that I would clear up why I sign everything off Boo. It has nothing to do with Halloween or frightening people like some of you may think. A few years ago, my husband and myself were watching the kids film Monsters inc. Those of you that have watched the film will know that the little girl in it is called boo. my husband started calling me Boo after this and it is the nick name he still gives me. So it is as simple as that.   Boo x Continue reading Why Boo?


Well how useless did I feel last Wednesday? Our 12 year old daughter went missing and was not answering her phone. She was supposed to   be meeting her dad when her brother finished football. massive panic. Her dad had to get another lad home so it meant leaving their meeting place. I was hysterical to say the least. I can’t drive so I could not go looking for her and as she had not text and was not answering her phone, you think all  kinds of things. Had she been run over or abducted, did I need to report her … Continue reading Missing


Well it looks like I may have been accepted on a standing frame trial. The trial is three years long and requires participants to stand up in a frame for several times a week to see if it improves muscle tone in those with MS. Of course, only 50% of people will actually get a frame. The other 50% will just carry on with what they are doing already to help. I first used a standing frame a few years ago at my local MS centre. It was quite good really so I was quite keen to go on the … Continue reading Standing