I do think I am a bit odd as far as my MS symptoms are concerned. I just call it odd! I was formerly diagnosed with primary progressive ms (ppms) nearly 14 years ago when I was 21 but looking back, I would say I have had symptoms since I was 15.

When I was 15, I near enough lost the sight in one eye. It became very blurry but me being me, I didn’t say anything. After a while it went and I thought nothing of it.

Five or six years later, just after I had got married, I developed a limp which turned out to be foot drop. The long of the short of it is I had to have a lumber puncture and was diagnosed with ppms.

I feel that I have very few symptoms really, the ones I do have are not great but it could be much worse. I have a great husband, two fantastic kids and a positive outlook on things.

I was banned from driving because of my eyesight. I do find it hard though because my freedom just disappeared over night and I don’t even wear glasses. I didn’t fight it though because I have much bigger fights to fight.

I do need a wee   rather a lot which is annoying at times but I do have a smaller than average bladder so combined with MS, I guess this is expected.

I do need a wheelchair as I can no longer walk.  I did choose to stop using crutches to walk because they were slowing me down and my hands were never free. crutches also led to repetitive strain injury which has left me unable to do much with my right hand which is not great because I am right handed.

Pain wise, i have none. I have an amazing pain threshold. Two kids without any pain relief. In fact, minutes before my youngest was born, I was texting my friend and having a laugh.

I don’t suffer from fatigue and my husband and I are often awake until the small hours. I do not migraines or confusion.   Every day I get up and am active. I am very rarely poorly, in fact, I think the last time was two years ago and I can not even remember the last time I had a cold or a bug the kids brought home. I actually class myself as the healthiest person in my house.

Since being diagnosed, I have developed quite large biceps and good upper body strength. I was actually talking to an OT a little while ago and I don’t think he believed me so he asked me to squeeze his fingers so I did. His face dropped, he swore and starten shaking his hands. Dun’t mess with me!

S ex is good, no issues there. No loss of feeling or sensation and in fact, gets better with age.

I take no medication and signed myself off from my consultant and the MS nurse  about 12 years ago. I manage on diet, exercise and positive thinking and this works for ME.

Boo x


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