I have traveled to a few European cities and Amsterdam is by far my favorite.  I love it and would go there and over again.

The atmosphere seems so relaxed and friendly and no body seems in a rush. There are plenty of bars and cafes that welcome you and where you can just sit and admire the surroundings.

A plus for us to is that having two children, Amsterdam and it’s people are very family friendly. There are parks and interactive water fountains and they are welcome in the cafes. i would warn you though, take some spare clothes. Our daughter decided to play in the fountains, got soaked and had to change into my jumper. Our son did however manage to stay dry so make of that what you will!

The toilet situation is not fantastic. There are plenty of bars and cafes with them that you can use but you need to buy a drink which to my mind defeats the purpose. There are drains and privacy screens dotted around the city which are great for males to pee against and girls that can squat I guess but not much use for a wheelchair user like myself I guess.

There is quite a large flower market selling plenty of flowers and bulbs which is well worth a visit. Gives you a true taste of Holland.

When we last visited the city, my husband and the kids decided that they wanted to go on a boat trip around the canals. As the boats are not yet wheelchair friendly, I decided to position myself canal side by the Anne frank house and people watch. The boat my family were on actually broke down and i was left waiting for two hours whilst they walked back. In this time that I was waiting, I was offered a coat to keep me warm and a hot drink. So thoughtful of the staff selling tickets for the boat tours. Whilst sat ‘people watching’, I noticed the vast array of  ethnic origins and the fact that most of them spoke English, even to each other.

Our son had been desperate to go on a tram for quite some time so we decided to do it. It was so easy.  You pay on a machine at the tram station and hop on and off when you reach your chosen destination. The trams have wheelchair access so were easy and enjoyable to use.  They are popular and get used a lot by a lot of people so if you don’t like a crowd, it may not be for you.

Next time that we are in Amsterdam, I would like to visit a couple of the many art museums just to say I have done it really and if the queue is a bit smaller, I would like the kids to go in the Anne Frank museum just so that they can get a real sense o f what she went through.

I would definitely recommend this colour city of culture to anyone.

Boo x


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