I have to admit that I have a bit of a thing for ‘musicals’. I even have a list of ones I would like to see and once I have seen them, I tick them off and add some more.

My favorite musical has to be ‘blood brothers’. .Twins separated not long after birth and brought up with very different lifestyles. One day they meet again with very tragic consequences. The only musical that I have seen that brought a tear to my eye but thoroughly recommended.

A very close second is Les miserables. The staging for this show is phenomenal. No wander it never comes out of London. A really sad story of death and destruction. I think if I had not been so in awe of the production, this may well of been a tear jerk er too.

W hen I was at secondary school, I was lucky enough to go and watch Oliver at the London Palladium.  Great show at an amazing venue.

Cats is one of only two musicals I have seen twice. It is such easy watching that even my son enjoyed it and I think he must only of been about six.  The only other musical he has agreed to watch is Star light express. He absolutely loved the train there and the rollerskating acrobatics.

I think the first musical I watched was Fame. This was with school so quite a while ago and is one that I would like to see again really. C Dan’t remember a whole lot about it.

The other musical that I have seen twice is Buddy and IO would quite happily see it again. About the life of Buddy Holly, it is fun and energetic and the music is great.

E vita was also a very enjoyable night out with plenty of recognizable songs.  It does contain some dark scenes but the story of Eva Peron is well told and one we should know.

The first musical I took my husband to watch was The witches of East Wick and what a musical it was with Marti Pellow of Wet Wet Wet fame playing the lead role. It was sassy, sexy and very risky and really should have come with an age restriction. The language was bad and the clothing skimpy at times but definitely one to watch.

Similarly, Chicago is quite racy and a age restriction should be in place.  Excellent story though with a little bit of ‘bad’ to add excitement.

When I went to watch Wicked, I had a nasty allergic reaction near the beginning so had to be taken out of the auditorium. When I returned  though, I was not disappointed. Great story of belief and great music.

I got taken to watch Phantom of the Opera a dew years ago for my birthday and what a dramatic yet heart warming show it is. The setting is fantastic and the story even better. A must see if you like musicals that’s for sure.

We got bought tickets to see The ion King in London a few years ago and it was amazing. The costumes were out of this world along with the choreography and the singing voices. I think the modern word to describe it was awesome!

My husband and myself went to watch Dirty Dancing in London.  We were actually a bit disappointed by this one. The live orchestra was replaced with what I can only describe as a ‘tape deck’. We felt the atmosphere was totally lost on what should of been an iconic, memorable evening.

I have to admit, I was not overly impressed by Joseph. I am glad I have seen it but the story is quite short and quite frankly quite school play like.

Jesus Christ Superstar on the other hand is loud and fast moving with some recognizable songs.  The casting and wardrobe was questionable at the version we went to watch but  I am sure with some twerks it would be great.

Billy Elliot is one of my favorite films  so I was keen to see the musical. It did not disappoint apart from there being no ‘Town called Malice’   during the show. We were gutted but I guess it was due to the cost and it would not stop me watching the production again.

The last musical we watched was Ghost. Yet another iconic story line and one I have watched the film of countless times. The story was only changed a little to make it work on stage but nothing detrimental. I was a bit unsure of the put on  American accents to begin with but soon forgot about the getting engrossed in the story.

next I would like to see The Rocky Horror show or Legally Blonde.

Boo x

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