Ways I treat my ms – 02

Exercise is a very important aspect of my daily regime in dealing with my ms. Not only does it keep me moving and flexible but it also improves my ‘happy hormones’ and makes me feel better. I am quite restricted in the exercise I do as I can’t walk so no running or playing football but there are other things.

My latest addition is a standing frame which I have quite quickly become addicted to.  It allows me to do balance exercises whilst stood up whilst playing with our kids. The other great thing about the frame is that for the first time in years, I can stand up and hold hands with my husband. Simple but something that others take for granted.

I do quite a lot of work with weights as well. I only use small weights but for a small person, the muscles in my arms are a reasonable size. I also use a gym ball to keep me flexible and a Pilates ball is also useful along with stretch bands.

I used to go swimming as well but it is just too cold for me. Yes, I am a wimp. I used to wear a really thick rash vest in the swimming pool but wimpy here, still got cold. My body just seizes up in the cold so I stopped the swimming and opted for something on dry land.


Boo x

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