Wow is all that I need to say about venice really. It is breathtakingly magical and would love to go back there.

We were taken from the cruise liner to the vaporetto, a boat that was wheelchair accessible and travelled through the canals of venice and under the Rialto bridge to St.Marks square and what an adventure that was. I sat next to a couple of old Italian guys and it only took a smile for the singing to begin and he serenaded me for the whole trip. I am not sure what he was singing but it sounded good and I picked out the word ‘B ella’ so IK am fairly certain it was positive.

When we got off the boat, I was in awe. not only was it beautiful it didn’t smell like people had warned us it would! The architecture was stunning  and the atmosphere amazing. Of course we had to do a little bit of shopping, it would be rude not to.

Italy has made a huge effort to make venice accessible for all with some of the bridges being ramped. The boat trip was 3 euro return for one carer and a wheelchair user. An absolute bargain. The only thing I would say is that like a lot of Europe, the toilet situation for wheelchair users is non existent.

If you get the chance to go to Venice, go. You will fall in love with it just like I did.


Boo x

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