Split (Croatia)

What a beautiful place Split is and I am so pleased that I got to explore it’s shores as part of our cruise. Originally, the vessel was going to have to drop anchor at sea which would of meant the use of a tender boat to get to shore. Unfortunately, as I use a wheelchair, it would not have been possible to dis-embark. I was gutted but was woken in the morning by the captain stating over the  sound system that they had secured a berth and docked by the port. I jumped out of bed, we had breakfast and got going.

he sky was blue, the sea crystal clear and the sun warm. Perfect.  We walked into the town and fell in love with it really. It was palm Sunday and the place was buzzing. A lot of the locals were carrying bunches of Laurel leaves and the church was spilling out onto the street with the amount of people. There was also a bustling market place selling fruit and vegetables as well as local merchandise.

All in all, it was a very relaxing day and somewhere I would happily recommend and go back to.


Boo x

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