Two weeks ago, my husband and I went on a cruise and paid a short but very enjoyable visit to Dubrovnik in Croatia. Iw a sunny day although a little breezy. In fact, it was sunny enough for me to catch the sun but me being me, was still cold. I actually left my cardigan on the boat, by choice, which was odd   because I am never without it or one similar. Luckily, it didn’t spoil the day, I just learnt the hard way and will never leave it  behind again.

We chose to walk ( I use the term loosely) into the city from the boat. W e initially took the wrong turn out of the port but swiftly spotted our mistake and turned onto the correct path. We had travelled a good distance when a local stopped us and asked if we wanted a lift. The road was quite steep and he said that we still had 3-4k to go.  We declined. I think he was a bit put out by this but the area did look a bit like a scene from the film ‘Hostel’ so I didn’t really want to risk it although I am sure that he was just trying to do do a good deed.

We eventually reached the walled city after about 1.5/2 hours and boy was it worth the walk. We had to overcome quite a few steps but once we did, we could see the sheer beauty of the marbled streets. Thankfully it was dry because I can imagine the floor would be sloppy when wet. he buildings and architecture  were very detailed and the local music and street performances were both traditional and atmospheric.    We spent all of our currency in a local gift shop along with others from different cruise liners and made our way back to the ship via a coach.

All in all. Dubrovnik is a beautiful coastal city that is well worth a visit.  Worth researching though if you or any of your party have mobility issues. It can still be done though. Happy holiday.

Boo x

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