Well how useless did I feel last Wednesday? Our 12 year old daughter went missing and was not answering her phone. She was supposed to   be meeting her dad when her brother finished football. massive panic. Her dad had to get another lad home so it meant leaving their meeting place. I was hysterical to say the least. I can’t drive so I could not go looking for her and as she had not text and was not answering her phone, you think all  kinds of things. Had she been run over or abducted, did I need to report her missing, contact the local hospital? I kept ringing and nothing. Turns out though that she did answer her phone to her granddad in the end and arranged to be collected. It would not be for half an hour and it was getting dark. She returned home later, crying and shaken but ok. Lesson learnt I feel.


Boo x

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