Well it looks like I may have been accepted on a standing frame trial. The trial is three years long and requires participants to stand up in a frame for several times a week to see if it improves muscle tone in those with MS. Of course, only 50% of people will actually get a frame. The other 50% will just carry on with what they are doing already to help. I first used a standing frame a few years ago at my local MS centre. It was quite good really so I was quite keen to go on the trial. I will be disappointed if I don’t get one but it is what it is and I will deal with it. If they work, the NHH may fund them for lots of people with MS and other similar conditions which would be great.  The first time I used a frame was quite funny really. I am only quite small so fixing me into the frame was a challenge for my physio, the straps were too big for me so it took some alterations. It was worth it though because it meant that I could stand up and play ball with  my little boy, how amazing and what a feeling. I will keep you posted on if I get one in a few weeks or not.

Our daughter had a bit of fun yesterday on the FLOWRIDER. She is a bit of a surf fan and was pleased to get back in the water, it has been a while. The weather has not been great here in Cornwall and it is not easy getting on a beach in a wheelchair so I could supervise her. I don’t like the cold and damp either so it seems like a good excuse anyway.

The week has been generally good really. our son scored a few goals at football, saved a few for his other club which is great. obviously our daughter got to go surfing and we met up with my in-laws which was nice because we hadn’t seen them properly for a while. I also managed to get a private prescription for antibiotics for our holiday so I am prepared for if I get one of my utis when on holiday. I hope you have all had a good week and look forward to next time.

boo x

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