Muddy water

So whose daft idea was it to go to the woods to feed the squirrels when it has been raining so much and when the squirrels are hibernating? That’s right, me. I paid for it though, I was filthy and everyone else wasn’t much better. My wheelchair is quite narrow so my coat was dragging in the mud and splashing all over my trousers. My chair is a manual chair so my hands were covered too. We were planning on dropping into the in laws on the way home to drop in some flowers because they had had to have their dog put to sleep but there was no chance of that.  Their house is pristine and we certainly were not. We took some photos to share with you on my new camera but when we came to download them, realised that there is no lead so that will have to wait. It was good to get out though, see the sun for a couple of minutes and get some family time.

Saturday was a bit of a disappointing day for my daughter. She thought she was going to have a friend stay for a sleep over but her friend let her down. How do you tell a 12 year old girl that the excuses are exactly had no intention of coming at all. My daughter is easily lead hangs on every word she is told. A bit concerning really but without breaking her heart, what can you do?

Hopefully, I am going to be included on a standing frame trial. Obviously IK don’t know if I will actually get a frame or if they will actually let me take part as I don’t have a professional team supporting me but I will keep you posted.

Boo x







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