A productive weekend sort of!

As usual, weekends are full of mundane things to do. Visit the laundrette to dry some clothes and get a few bits of shopping. Usually there is football training too but our little lad has been off school poorly so he gave that a miss this week so we had a bit more time.

We therefore went to the travel agent to sort the kids insurance for Spain and our ai8rport parking. Exciting. In about five weeks, the kids are going to Spain to visit their gran and we are flying to Malta then cruising to venice, Scicily and Croatia. Should be amazing for us all. Roll on April. We booked it almost a year ago.

When we got home we had a discussion about my blog  and where I wanted to go with it. We decided it may be a good idea for me to get a YouTube channel set up so that I can highlight disability and represent this section of society. I am very excited about this so watch this space.

Sunday lunch time we went to watch Norwich v Ipswich on sky at a neighbour house and all hell broke loose when we3 get home. Our daughter became obnoxious, rude and defiant. Then the door slamming started and she got her TV taken off of her. I would like to take her phone off her reall y but she would either smash it or smash me. She dide start to get quite helpful once she had calmed down, her way of saying sorry I guess. I blame sugar and that mobile phone that is permanently stuck to her.

Well enough of that for now. Be back soon.

Boo x


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