Ways I Treat My MS – 01

I signed myself off from my consultant about 11 years ago. I didn’t see the value in being told there was nothing that could really be done apart from “maybe” medication; so I took it upon myself to treat my condition in an alternative manner. Over the years I have slowly become more obsessed with what I actually put into my body. Presently I have removed gluten and wheat from my diet completely and I haven’t eaten meat, other than fish, since I was 9. I consume very little refined sugar and very little dairy. I do eat plenty of fruit and vegetables, oily fish (great for natural vitamin D and omega 3 oils, beneficial for people with MS), and a decent amount of rice and jacket potatoes. I do also eat eggs, which is controversial to some, but I find the vitamin D and protein essential for my good health.

(I don’t know that my method for dealing with it is the way professionals would recommend).

Boo x Selection of healthy food on rustic wooden background

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